Direct to chain rubber track pads

As well as being a leading OEM heavy equipment parts supplier, Cautrac is a rubber track pads manufacturer in its own right. It offers direct-to-chain rubber track pads (chain on), manufactured to within high tolerances using high quality materials.

A steel core surrounded by heavy duty rubber promotes a long service life and less down time for your excavator.

Direct-to-chain rubber pads are designed to replace your existing track groups steel grouser shoes, effectively turning your machine in to a rubber tracked excavator.

Our direct-to-chain rubber track pads are supplied with all necessary fittings to allow you to install them to the existing track chains.

Guide for fitting direct-to-chain rubber track pads:

We always recommend that you clip a rubber pad to every link of the chain rather than every other, as this helps to evenly distribute the weight of the machine correctly to give the maximum length of service life possible.

Direct-to-chain rubber pads are designed to work on finished surfaces only, and should not be used on rough terrain at any time.

Available in 450mm or 500mm wide, with a variety of bolt pattern measurements to suit most excavators in the 6 to 9 tonne range.

When contacting us to discuss direct to chain rubber pads, please remember to check the bolt pattern measurements on your existing track chain, and the width of pad you require. With this information we will be able to accurately quote for new pads.

Common bolt pattern measurements would be 90x90x55 mm square pattern, or 89x73x57 mm offset pattern.

The complete range of rubber track pads effectively serve to convert your machine in to a versatile platform, combining the benefits of the longer service life of the steel track system, with the versatility to track over surfaces which may be damaged by steel track grousers shoes.

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