Bolt on Rubber Track Pads

Cautrac branded Bolt on rubber track pads are manufactured to the highest specification using high quality components.

The steel core adds strength, whilst the heavy duty rubber coating encasing the core provides a long service life.


The bolt on rubber track pad utilises the pre drilled holes in your machines existing steel grouser shoe. Using this method of fitting means that no extra width is added to the machines track base. Our bolt on rubber pads are supplied complete with threaded studs attached to the steel core, and a set of nuts , all included in the price.

Common usage for this type of pad would be within the rail network repair industry, where any overhang of rubber track pad fittings IE, bolt heads or brackets could cause damage to rails or other infrastructure.

Bolt on rubber pads are available in widths ranging from 300 to 700mm, with a variety of different bolt pattern measurements to suit the different track chain pitches in service across the range of different makes of excavator in the marketplace.

Fitting rubber track pads to your steel tracked excavator will allow you to diversify its usage by offering  a wider spectrum of working environment. Bolt on rubber track pads can be removed at any time should circumstance dictate, for instance, changing the machines role from working on a finished surface to working on a general building site. Simply refit the pads when the job changes again.

Cautrac bolt on rubber pads are available to buy in any quantity from one to one thousand, so you can always replace any pads that may be damaged by worksite conditions such as rebar or broken concrete.

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