Winter is Coming

Posted: 22/09/2017
Category: Maintenance

Today marks the Autumn Equinox – a sure sign that winter is on its way. Preparing your tracked dumpers for winter will help to prevent frustrating breakdowns and the resulting costly downtime.

Tracked dumpers are working at their hardest during the winter months, tackling adverse ground conditions that wheeled dumpers simply cannot cope with.

Time spent now inspecting your valuable assets, and applying some general preventative maintenance, will help to ensure that your machine will be ready when you are in the oncoming winter months.

Periodic preventative maintenance schedule

Ensure that your machines are serviced in-line with the manufacturer’s recommendations using the appropriate quality of oils, greases and filters. These items can be obtained from our aftersales support team at Cautrac.

Rubber tracks

Check for signs of damage by paying particular attention to deep cuts where the steel cord has been exposed to the elements. Loose track cleats are a sure sign of imminent track failure and rubber tracks with loose or missing cleats should be replaced as soon as possible.

Replacing a rubber track before a significant problem arises is a great deal easier and more cost effective in your workshop than it might be on a cold, busy, and probably muddy work site when something has gone wrong.


Check for signs of excessive wear in the top and bottom rollers, along with your idlers and sprockets. Excess free play in idlers shows evidence of worn bearings and component failure will soon follow, so replacement of the assembly is strongly advised. Bottom rollers and idlers are usually oil filled; therefore, inspection for oil leaks is advisable at regular intervals throughout the year.

Remember that the experienced aftersales team at Cautrac are always on hand to offer advice about anything – including preparing your machines for winter. We are also able to supply all of your spare parts requirements. Cautrac is the home of the tracked dumper in the UK and we pride ourselves on our product knowledge and our ability to identify and supply an extensive range of spare parts available for all makes and models of tracked dumper.