Good Vibrations!

Posted: 01/11/2017
Category: Wacker Neuson

Why use concrete vibrators?

The application of vibration by mechanical means is a long-recognised method of improving the structural integrity of mass poured concrete.

In Roman times, moulds containing rudimentary concrete made up of lime, ash, and rock, were tapped with sticks to remove pockets of air. Many of these structures have lasted the test of time for millennia, suggesting that their method of manually vibrating the concrete to remove air was a winning idea!

Many centuries later, and powered concrete vibrators became commonplace in the construction industry, providing unique benefits, such as:

  • Greater density
  • Improved bonding (with reinforcing steel and at construction joints)
  • Greater durability
  • A smoother finish

The Wacker Neuson IRFU range of vibrating pokers.

The high-frequency internal vibrators of the IRFU range share one main characteristic: they simply connect to the 1-phase power supply and are ready to use straight away, saving you time.

Quick, simple, and flexible, they are the ideal tool for independent operation.

An integrated frequency converter is especially useful for work on large surfaces. In contrast to normal internal vibrators, where you need to carry the frequency converter from place to place when compacting a large area, Wacker Neuson’s IRFU range has the advantage that the frequency converter is already integrated within the device. Just connect the device to a 1-phase power supply and IRFU compacts immediately. The user pulls the device with the converter along behind him. This is entirely safe, due to the completely sealed electronics.

Available in head diameters from 30 to 65mm, with different hose lengths available to suit all work conditions.