Yamaguchi WB12-DTB

Benefits of the Yamaguchi WB12 – DTB Dumper

The Yamaguchi WB12– DTB is a solid tracked dumper, with proven reliable technology including having low operating costs, low noise pollution, low maintenance, and low vibration. All of this, coupled with the tracked dumper’s peak performance, is possibly all you will ever need in a crawler carrier.

Furthermore, it is extremely easy to position the load accurately before discharging it.

The WB12 – DTB tracked dumper features a 180-degree tipping body that can be discharged anywhere, within a quadrant angle of 180 degrees. This means you can save time and increase productivity and it also helps to protect the ground from additional shunting.

Safety Benefits of the Yamaguchi WB12 – DTB Dumper

The Yamaguchi dumper is very light on its tracks, meaning that there is less chance of trenches collapsing when driving close to them as is typical on many sites and this is a major safety issue for many wheeled dumpers.

A heavy-duty undercarriage with rocking beam rollers maximizes the ground contact area, and the positive high-drive track is a durable alternative to wheels, providing very low ground pressure even when fully loaded. The ground pressure equates to approximately a third of a human footprint.

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  • Specifications
    • Make Yamaguchi
    • Model WB12-y-DTB
    • Payload 1200 kg
    • Unladen Weight 915 kg
    • Maximum Speed 5.6 KW/H
    • Engine Make & Model Kubota Z602
    • Engine Type Two Cylinder Liquid Cooled Diesel
    • Engine Power 10.8 KW / 14 BHP
    • Ground Pressure Empty 0.18 KGF
    • Ground Clearance 165 mm
    • Fuel Type Diesel
    • Track Centres 720 mm
    • Overall Width 975 mm
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