Wacker Neuson Wheeled Loaders

As with all Wacker Neuson machinery, innovation and durability lie at the heart of the brand’s impressive wheeled loaders. They deliver a wide range of benefits to operators, including the fact that a long service life can be expected from all Wacker Neuson wheeled loaders, thanks to the superior quality materials used in manufacturing them.

A durable machine means greater cost efficiency – which extends to fuel consumption too – delivering both environmental and cost benefits. In addition, load cycles can be completed quickly thanks to these machines’ excellent manoeuvrability, while maintenance tasks can be carried out swiftly.

Flexibility is another major plus-point, enabling operators to get full use out of loaders come rain or shine, year-round. A variety of attachments are available for all Wacker Neuson loaders, so they can be used for all manner of tasks. Pallet forks, digger buckets, and a choice of specially-designed attachments for recycling, construction, local government, landscaping and other operator types. With this degree of customisation, your organisation can build a machine perfectly suited to their particular needs.

Wacker Neuson wheeled loaders also offer huge power benefits, with optimally balanced efficiency output – delivering the power you need, no matter what class you have invested in.

Wheeled Loader Models

Wacker Neuson wheeled loader models include the WL20; WL20e; WL25; WL28; WL32; WL34; WL38; WL44; WL52; and WL54. Our knowledgeable team is on-hand to answer any questions you have about the current model range.

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