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Undercarriage Spare Parts For Tracked Dumpers & Excavators

The condition of your machine’s undercarriage components, whether for tracked dumpers or for excavators, is important to the smooth running of your machinery. Here at Cautrac we stock a comprehensive range of sprockets, idlers, bushings, bearing races, track recoil assemblies and other essential undercarriage parts.

Worn Sprockets

Worn out sprockets – which are identified by “hooking” of the sprocket teeth or worn down teeth -will affect the driving of the rubber or steel track, and may well damage a new track which has been fitted to an old sprocket.

Sprockets should always be changed when fitting a new track chain to your machine.

Idlers & Rollers

Idlers, top or carrier rollers and bottom rollers generally have bearing races or bushings internally and can break up with age, shock or lubricant loss.

All of the above components should be checked at regular intervals for wear and damage and should be replaced as necessary. Some types of top rollers, track rollers and idlers are oil filled and should be checked for oil leaks periodically. These types of undercarriage can be repaired with new oil seals and bearings if necessary, although often replacement of the whole unit is more cost effective.

Track Tension

Track tension is an important factor when replacing a track, and applying too much or too little tension will have an adverse effect on the smooth running of your machine, and may even damage undercarriage components. Idlers are especially likely to fail prematurely if track tension is too high.

Track recoil assemblies should be checked to ensure they function correctly, and should also be checked for worn grease seals, and damage to the piston rod.

The recoil spring should be examined for breaks and cracks.

Tracked Dumper & Excavator Spares for Morooka, Yanmar, Mitsubishi & Kubota

The Cautrac range of tracked dumper undercarriage parts includes all components listed above, plus pivot pins and bushes, greaser valves, triangle plates and hardware. We carry stocks for most makes of tracked dumper, including Morooka, Yanmar, Mitsubishi and Kubota.

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