Mclaren Nu-Air AT (All Terrain) flat proof tyre

About Mclaren Industries.

Mclaren has been manufacturing cushioned solid tyres for over ten years, and is widely accepted as the best on the market. There are many other brands and types of flat proof tyre available with holes in the sides, but none can outperform or outlast ours. Mclaren flat proof tyres are manufactured with deeper holes, and a greater quantity of them, using proven technology.

The technology.

Mclaren`s Nu-Air all terrain flat proof tyre featuring Semi-Pneumatic Technology™ integrates two major unrivalled features.

Tougher, resilient compounds on the outside for longevity, and softer, more flexible compounds on the inside, giving a cushioned ride without bounce.

The benefits of fitting flat proof tyres.

The technology used within the manufacturing processes all combine to provide you, the customer, with tyres that will last 4-5 timers longer than standard Pneumatic tyres. zero downtime due to punctures or sidewall damage, this alone will return minimum cost per hour of machine operation, and allow maximum productivity from your machine. No more waiting for the mobile tyre fitter to arrive and repair or replace your damaged tyre.

ZERO downtime, no flat tyres and up to 3500 hours of flat free machine operation.

All terrain tread pattern.

The all terrain flat proof tyre is designed to work well on any terrain, and is particularly good on finished surfaces such as asphalt, pavements and concrete.

Mclaren flat proof tyres are available as  either tyre and rim assemblies or tyres without rim. Common skid steer sizes are 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch. These options means that there is a flat proof tyre to suit almost every make and model of skid steer on the market today.

Larger tyre and rims are available for Telehandlers, wheeled loaders and backhoes.

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