Morooka MST2200VDR Tracked Dumper

The entire upper structure of the Morooka MST2200VDR can be rotated, making the excavation and transport of soil easy and efficient.

In the case of most tracked dumpers, once the operator reaches the departure point for the soil, the machine would need to turn with the full load. This movement can churn the ground up badly, and requires a huge surge of power. But with the MST2200VDR, this does not happen, because the unit can drive in either direction. This means time, effort and money are saved.

Other benefits of a rotating upper structure include less wear and tear on tracks, and on the undercarriage roller.

The MST2200VDR has a capacity of 11 tonnes.

Easy Access for Driving & Engine Checks

The operator can gain access through the large access panels, or via the front mounted step in order to get between the cabin and the engine bay – where all of the engine checks are carried out. These tasks include checking the oil level and cleaning the air filter. The fuel filling point, together with the hydraulic fluid filling points, are also located here – making access to this area extremely important.

Foot and Hand Steering Controls

Driving the MST2200VDR tracked dumper is different from other machines in the Morooka range because it has the added beneficial feature of foot controls and hand steering controls.

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  • Specifications
    • Make Morooka
    • Model MST2200VDR
    • Payload 11000 Kg
    • Unladen Weight 16000 Kg
    • Maximum Speed 10 KPH / 6.2 MPH
    • Engine Make and Model CAT - C7.1 T4i
    • Engine Type Six cylinder liquid cooled diesel
    • Engine Power @ 2000 rpm 186 KW / 249 HP
    • Ground Pressure Empty 32.1 KPA / 4.65 PSI
    • Ground Clearance 580 mm
    • Fuel Type Diesel
    • Overall Length 5900 mm
    • Overall Width 2980 mm
    • Overall Height 3200 mm
    • Track Centres 2180 mm
    • Track Width 800 mm
    • Dump Body Length Internal 3200 mm
    • Dump Body Width Internal 2750 mm
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