Mclaren Maximizer Over tyre track

Mclaren Over tyre tracks (OTT) provide increased stability, flotation, attraction and tyre protection for your Skid steer loader. The self cleaning Mclaren OTT™ tracks have the most advanced design of over tyre track available today.

Mclaren Maximizer over tyre tracks are the entry level version of the Mclaren Diamond OTT and  provide exceptional traction and increased lateral stability when working on side slopes.

These simple to fit kits are available for skid steer loaders fitted with ten or twelve inch wide tyres, which are those most commonly fitted.

The Over tyre track kit comprises of , two over tyre tracks and a fitting kit which includes sockets and ratchet driver, wrenches and a tool to allow you to pull both ends of the OTT together to complete the installation process.

When fitting over tyre track systems it is important ensure that there is a space of around 3 inches all around the inside edge of the tyre. This allows room for the OTT to track over the tyres without fouling on the side frame of the machine. Spacer kits are readily available to extend the wheelbase. These are installed between the wheel hub and wheel rim, effectively increasing the wheelbase of the machine. Different configurations of spacer allow fitment to a wide variety of Skid steer loader should they be required.

Another option would be to turn the existing wheels around the opposite way. This will increase the space between the inside of the tyre and the side of the machines body.

Replacement parts are available for Mclaren  Maximizer  over tyre track systems in the form of replacement sections which include pins, washer and links.

If you need to work your skid steer loader in the worst of conditions, Mclaren Maximizer Over tyre track systems will see you safely across the mire.

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