Track Barrow 400

The TrackBarrow 400, manufactured by Yamaguchi in Japan, is in a class of its own.

Benefits of the TrackBarrow 400

The lightweight Tracked Barrow spreads the weight evenly along the rubber tracks, which have a much greater surface area than wheels and provide flotation over many poor or boggy surfaces.  Climbing difficult and sloping terrain is easy for the TrackBarrow 400.

The low ground pressure carrier is suited to many different applications including landscaping, building and carrying heavy building supplies and other commodities.

Powered by a quiet single cylinder Mitsubishi petrol engine, the 400Kg payload capacity carrier is supplied with two forward speeds and a single reverse gear.

Emptying the 400Kg load is  stress-free and easy, by simply pulling a single lever and letting the hydraulic cylinder discharge the load safely and in a controlled manner.

To ensure safety at all times, the auto brake system is applied automatically when the dumper is stopped.  Extra safety has been designed into to the steering controls to ensure when negotiating in compact areas the operators hands are protected from getting trapped against stationary objects.


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  • Specifications
    • Make TrackBarrow by Yamaguchi
    • Model 400
    • Payload 400 Kg
    • Unladen Weight 200 Kg
    • Maximum Speed 3.2 KPH / 1.98 MPH
    • Engine Make and Model Mitsubishi - GB130
    • Engine Type Single cylinder air cooled petrol
    • Engine Power 3.0 KW / 4.2 HP
    • Ground Pressure Empty 7.79 KPA / 1.13 PSI
    • Ground Clearance 115 mm
    • Fuel Type Unleaded Petrol
    • Overall Length 1775 mm
    • Overall Width 650 mm
    • Overall Height 950 mm
    • Track Centres 460 mm
    • Track Width 180 mm
    • Dump Body Length Internal 1180 mm
    • Dump Body Width Internal 568 mm
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To make an enquiry please call
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