Tracked Access

Cautrac have been involved with supplying tracked carriers to manufacturers of man platforms for many years and have teamed up with Versalift to provide a platform that ticks a lot of the boxes that purchasers require.  Many power transmission contractors have seen the benefit of choosing a tracked dumper based unit to get the repairs and replacement out in the field carried out quickly and more importantly without causing damage to the land.  The 14 metre Cherry Picker has a fully insulated boom with a large out-reach.  It travels to the jobsite much faster than pedestrian tracked platforms and is able to easily climb slopes that platforms with wheels just couldn’t tackle and if they attempted they might get stuck and require assistance when they are a long way from a road.  The MST300 Access platform takes the stress out of getting to the job-site location and without making a serious mess.  Cautrac completely managers the installation and build providing the correct reports and testing certificates associated with this partnership.

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