Tracked Dumpers to suit your specialist requirements

Posted: 16/05/2017
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If standard dumper trucks simply won’t do the job, then we recommend that you call us here at Cautrac to supply you with specialised low ground pressure equipment in the form of Tracked Dumpers. With a full range, from 2.5 to 15 ton carrying capacity, we should have the machine to suit your requirements. The Morooka range of tracked dumpers can be modified to suit almost any application such as post knocking, cranes and access, to name but a few. Call us today to speak to one of our highly experienced technical staff and put an end to any problems that you may have related to working in those hard to access places.

Morooka 360-degree Rotating Tracked Dumpers

The unique Morooka MST2200VDR offers a full 360-degree rotation of the upper structure along with the usual benefits of a rubber tracked crawler dumper. Low ground pressure, coupled with impressive climbing ability in poor conditions, makes the Morooka tracked carrier the right choice for those difficult to access and ground sensitive areas. The MST2200VDR has an 11,000 Kg carrying capacity and will soon be joined by the new MST1500VDR which will be the only machine in its class with an 8,000Kg load capacity. When choosing the right dumper truck for you, we are happy to discuss your individual requirements.

The Full Range of Morooka Tracked Dumpers  

We are proud to be seen as the UK specialists in advising, supplying, and supporting customers with all sizes of tracked dumpers. We are the only company to supply the full range from 350kg carrying capacity pedestrian tracked machines up to the MST3000VD, 15 ton carrying capacity tracked dumper. With all machines built to a high quality in Japan, they offer reliability to ensure that they can carry out the job at hand. We have been involved in many projects and modifications to develop bespoke machines for a potentially difficult application. The features and benefits of these unique machines are not only hugely beneficial to the environment, but should enable you to carry out the job in a safe and controlled manner. Please see the full range in the equipment section of our website.

Pedestrian Tracked Barrows by Yamaguchi

We carry a full range of walk behind tracked barrows, offering a safe and effective means of transferring soil or materials to those hard to access areas. With carrying capacities from 350 Kg to 600Kg and impressive climbing ability, these machines offer a considerably better alternative to wheel barrows of the likes. With the unique track design these track barrows will climb steps and kerbs with ease. The narrow width allows all machines in the range to pass through a standard doorway and the machine weights give the ability to transport them in a van or pick-up. There is a high tipping model which allows discharge into a skip or vehicle up to 1.3 metres in height. Our pedestrian tracked barrows are designed to take the back ache out of those challenging muck shifts.

As you can see, we offer a range of tracked dumpers to suit your specific requirements. From 360-degree rotating dumpers to track barrows, we are sure that we have a product that can help to support you and your project, making work easier and more effective for you. Contact us today to speak to a member of our knowledgeable and experience team.